Monday, July 29, 2013

With Bubbles, You Get What You Pay For

After I woke up and didn't run or shower, Edie and I trundled off to the grocery store, where we bought orange juice and tortillas and I inadvertently bought $8 worth of cherries.  Edie sat in the stroller and politely ate her snack on the way there, and after only minor annoyance while waiting in line, made it home without either collapsing into tears or falling asleep.

We had parked the stroller in front of the front steps to be unloaded when I felt the first raindrop.  We made it inside before the downpour, during which we played blocks and ran races from the dining room to the living room.  Edie really likes to say, "ready, set, GO".  The rain eased up and while we waited for the macaroni to boil we went outside to water plants and blow bubbles.  We ate lunch (macaroni for both of us, coke zero for me) and walked out to the porch to look even more rain.

Edie took a nap and I finished watching Project Runway and then wrote about contemporary reverberations of the 19th century's anxiety of motherhood (specifically about the movie Mama, which is amazingly relevant).

By the time Edie woke up from her nap the sun was shining again and we laid on the living room floor in patches of sunlight and colored on blank sheets of paper--currently Edie's favorite medium.  I drew a moon and stars, an apple tree, and a bunch of balloons.

James came home and took Edie and some overdue books to the library while I first sat on the couch and then, eventually, made burritos.  All through dinner James kept jumping up to watch storm clouds rolling toward us, and, when they broke, we all dashed back to the porch.

Then there was bath and stories and impromptu family home evening, and bed.  And now there's more rain and a handwritten "contemporary reverb" chapter to write up and the day is nearly gone.

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  1. I have three things to say:

    1. Hollie is also obsessed with "Ready, set, GO" and running from one end of the house to the other. When did we teach them this?

    2. The current season of Project Runway is killing me. I don't know if I'm just in the perfect mood for it or if it is somehow more magical than other seasons, but I'm finding it sickeningly entertaining. And three cheers for the extra Tim Gunn time.

    3. I'm always jealous of how much sunlight is in your guys' house. Our house has been designed to keep as much sunlight out as possible to save on A/C bills (or something) so I always feel like we live in a cave. I envy your windows and your patches of sunlight.