Friday, August 23, 2013

Cast System Weekend

Edie keeps asking to go to the beach.  I was putting James's swimming suit away yesterday and she asked, and then she brought it up again today as James and I sat in the living room in the late afternoon sun discussing dinner.

Before last Sunday I had been planning to go the beach at least twice more before we left for California, including today, which is James's last Summer Friday (half-day).  Edie loves the beach, and I can't take her now, which makes me feel like a jerk.  And by the time I can walk/no longer have a medical apparatus on, it'll be well into fall, which makes me feel bummed.

Le sigh.

I told James he could take Edie to the beach by himself, which is not a very nice suggestion, as it's pretty hard to go to the beach solo with someone who just wants to run around a crowded beach and sit in other people's chairs and snoop in their coolers.  I took her by myself recently and this is exactly what happened.

So, instead, we'll probably hang out here for the weekend.  Chelsea will come over on Saturday and we'll go to dinner at our favorite "mexican" place here (I've been on the east coast way too long to have any delusions about good mexican food, and this place is technically tex-mex and has free gigantic refills--i.e. it's heaven), and then she'll help me hem two dresses in preparation for a weddddddddddddddddding (exclamation point).

photos from last Friday, Cape Cod.

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