Monday, August 5, 2013

The Little Piggies Who Went to Market Were Fine

1. I dropped a knife while trying to put it away.  It fell and stabbed my foot, right between the little piggy who had none and the one that cried wee, wee, wee.  This photo was taken pre-incident (okay, stabbed is a pretty strong word.  for my dad's sake, let's say it poked me really hard and then clattered the floor).

2. It's crazy crisp around here.  It's much more like fall than summer.  Guess who's not excited about this.  If you guessed not me, then you are right.

3. I spent today determinedly not looking at my thesis, which was as easy as it sounds.  Spend the day not doing work?  Alllllllllllright.  In fact, I was so committed that I didn't even catch up on a the million other things I should get around to.

4. I really try not to keep a lot of treats around the house, because it's easier to not eat them when they're not here.  Which works out fine mostly, except for Sunday night when I'm like, why is there no cake?

5. I (finally) joined Instagram.  Putting my a little icon on the blog is on that list of things to do that didn't get done today (though, it's pretty far down on the list, I doubt it would have gotten done anyway. besides, I had a new season of ANTM to watch ((girls AND guys? what?!))).  But, if interested, you can find me at valerietownusa.  Like an address, Valerietown, USA!


  1. stabbed is a strong word. it's like the man who was slain. really? we just say murder. also, close call on almost losing your trademark toes, your swim times might have drastically decreased had that knife moved over a toe or two.

  2. I have seen that piggy in person and I am here to say it looked good--no--GREAT.

    I feel like slain is fancy murder. Like, elegantly, perhaps?