Thursday, August 22, 2013

We Went to New York (there was a lot of food involved, not pictured)

1. mid-town art on a spool.  I love it.
2. baby on a stoop.  any stoop would do, but this one is even better because it's ours.
3. flowers on the street.

4. New York City skyline, baby.
5. New York City skyline, and baby.
6. We say goodbye to Tyson, and Tyson says goodbye to the city.
7. sail makers and canvas goods

New York was amazing.  We stayed at an ultra-hip hotel that made me wish for something with less personality and easier elevators.  I turned in my thesis (what?) and ate a metric ton of sushi.  Song thai food was ordered, chatting was chatted, books bought, bagels eaten, and so on and so on.

It was a good trip though Edie didn't sleep well.  Chelsea made a pie (mango, and it was Ah-Mazing, can you believe it?), we ate Hill Country Chicken. and I bought a new Brooklyn College sweatshirt.  After that, what with one thing and another, it's a bit of a blur.  Luckily, I still have a few bagels in my freezer to remember it.


  1. You turned in your thesis?! Congratulations! You are amazing! I am really happy for you and proud of you. I want to hear all about it from you sometime.

  2. Was your trip before you hurt your ankle?