Saturday, September 7, 2013

Trading This for That

Weekends seem different these days.  I'm turning a blind eye to the end of summer slipping away, because it doesn't seem worth considering.

Instead of other pursuits, I'm mis-ordering Chinese food, managing to sweep my kitchen, and getting around to ordering a photo book of Edie's first year.

I'm reading A Nearly Perfect Copy, letters from my friend Jen, and Entertainment Weekly.  I'm eating candy that my pals Allen and Jenny sent (along with a book), and listening to music to promote healing my friend Sarah sent.

I have an appointment to see my orthopedist on Monday.  I'm trying to keep my hopes down about the news she'll give me, and just hope that everything still looks good (and is healing waaaaaaaay faster than planned).

Annie is coming for a visit/to help me out this Wednesday, and I'm trying to stop looking at fun things we could do together, and instead gather the movies we'll be watching.  Don't worry, Annie, we'll also paint nails and make fudge.

I'm doing a lot of trade-offs these days, and trying to remember that trade-offs are a part of life.

*this photo was taken in Utah last summer.  I uncovered it last night when I was making the photo book.

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