Sunday, October 20, 2013

What A Child Doesn't Receive, She Can Seldom Later Give

Valerie: What's the best thing about having a daughter?
James: Um, dressing her up like a doll, and, she can hug me and kiss me as long as she wants.  Because, if she was a son, at some point society starts to frown on that.

Valerie: What's the funniest thing that Edie says?
James: I like when she combines words, like" nummy-cado" (an avocado that was especially good).  Or when she uses her logic do describe things.  Like, she was holding two pencils with chicken erasers and she yelled, "Double cluck!"

Valerie: What do you do that she thinks is funny?
James: Whenever I do things that are different from the expected.  Like, if she expects me to walk, but I start to skip, she just laughs and laughs.  Or, when I kick leaves or smash something, or throw rocks into the lake.

Valerie: What do you want Edie to be when she grows up?
James: An astronaut, duh.  So she can give me a backstage pass to the International Space Station.

Valerie: If Edie becomes a super hero, which team should she join?
James: I want her to join the X-Men, because I like the characters in the X-Men more, but I don't trust the boys in the X-Men.  I think the Avengers are more trustworthy around girls.  X-Men school is like sleep-away camp.

Valerie:  What's something that you want her to know about herself?
James: I want her to know that life can be endlessly fun.  That it's just a matter of perspective.  That I want her to enjoy it, and to know that life can be actively enjoyed.  You don't have to criticize or be cynical about everything.  It's great, and full of amazing people.


  1. Please make these pictures into wall art somehow. Incredible!!!

  2. Endlessly fun? Have you considered the ethos of enduring through the sorrow and debauchery, suffering well until you reach the end of it?

    I learned a lot of applicable gems from this delicious little parenthood tid-bit.

    Thanks. Beautiful idea, to interview your spouse.

  3. When I grow up I'd like to be a parent like you guys are. (and by grow up I mean have a kid in like a week).