Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Running Flame

I went out with a friend tonight for shopping and dinner.  Which was great.  James stayed home with Edie and fed her a dinner of taco soup mixed with yellow rice.  We put a little sour cream on it and she loves it.  James said she ate so much of it that, after she was finished, she pulled at the waistband of her jeans until he unbuttoned them for her.  Then they shared a mini Hershey bar dipped in peanut butter.

James is doing a weight loss challenge at work, and I'm sort of halfheartedly following along.  Which translates to James eating smaller portions and me avoiding sugar and asking him every time I see him with a snack, "how are you going to win me a fuel band?"  One of the prizes is a fuel band, which, clearly, I really want.

I am also trying to rebuild my cardiovascular endurance.  Taking the last three months off put a real damper on my stamina.  I climbed an, albeit, steep hill yesterday and had a little reality check at the top of it (and what felt like a brief conversation with death). I am actively ignoring the fact that I am trying to ease back into running at the onset of winter, and just focus on the happy news that I'm easing back into running.

So, get behind me death (and that steep, steep hill).


  1. Ah, that metallic taste behind the teeth. Only those worthy of that deathly conversation get to relish the flavor.

    This is the happiest of happy news. I've guiltily thought of you not running every time I've pushed myself through intervals for the last three months. It should be you with wind in your hair. It will be again.

  2. Can I just say that in the top picture it looks like James has polished his fingernails. I know you are grateful I pointed that out.