Tuesday, February 11, 2014


First things first:  Bob Costas's eye.  What's the deal, NBC?  You didn't bring your own antibiotics and you're having to rely solely on Russian folk remedies?   How long does pink eye normally take to clear up?  Like, a day, right?  So, apparently it's spread to both eyes so Matt Lauer has to take over on Olympic reporting.  Which is absurd.  What does Matt Lauer know about the Olympics?  Clearly nothing.  Get it together, NBC.  If it's really that bad, get Mary Carillo back from her trip to Siberia.

Secondly, who else looooooves Sage Kotzenberg.  I love that guy.  I love his hair, I love his triple exclamtion mark tweets, I love the way he drags his hands on the rails.  I even love his brothers, Blaze and Jeremy (one of which is also a snowboarder, the other is--I'm sure--some lucky company's I.T. guy).  I'm going on record: I like the Slope Style event, and I like even more that Shawn White didn't compete.

Thirdly: the ice skaters are repeating their programs for their individual events.  REPEATING.  Whose big idea was this team event?  I like a team event, don't get me wrong.  I don't like watching the same programs again and again.  How about some more prime time luge, and a little less prime time Ashley Wagner, who I've seen perform once, and I'm already sick of.  I was sick of her the minute she started.

Thanks to Rachel and Katie for the best Opening Ceremonies party on record, where I tied for first (with my brother) on the Olympic trivia portion of the evening and won "So-Cheese" Puffs.  We ate them while watching the Olympic coverage on Sunday, and they were sweet with the taste of victory.

In other news, California is a dream.  It's almost 80 degrees today and I've eaten a billion tacos.  I never want to leave.


  1. I've picked up curling this Olympics. Once I figured out what the crap was going on, I got into it. Luge, I've always loved. Doubles luge--Why?

  2. "So-cheese!!!" So-cheese. It was right there. I didn't even see it. Bravo people I don't know. Bravo.