Monday, March 10, 2014

California Winter

My parent's house is a bit like a resort to me: I usually go in the summer or at holidays; there's tons of food around and being served periodically throughout the day; the beach towels just magically replenish themselves in the beach towel cupboard; etc . . .

This last visit was no exception, though it was a bit like being at my favorite resort in the off-season.  The outdoor furniture was un-pillowed and the weather was a bit more erratic.  But, these are small prices to pay.

Edie and I ate a billion fresh strawberries*, welcomed the many guests who came to visit us, and basically had an amazing time in pseudo-summer.

It took Edie an adorably long time to stop running for her coat whenever I announced we were going outside.  Though, it was a pleasure, a pleasure, to assure her that we didn't need it.

(seriously.  this is February.  it's like witchcraft.)

There's a lot that goes un-shown here: a lot of Olympic coverage with a very invested family; TWO Knecht/Appel Olympic kickers; so many walks; swimming in an outdoor pool; tacos; burgers; time with sisters, brother, niece, parents; watching Edie play with her cousins; walking barefoot (indoors and out); Thrifty's ice cream; Patty's burritos; and just the peace I feel when I look at the weather and see it's going to be 75 degrees.

It's been a tough transition back to Boston (no surprise), but sometimes I steal into Edie's room to sneak a peak at the green sandals I bought her and think of summer.

*the strawberries were great, obviously, but now I've been ruined from all other strawberries.  How, how, how can I be expected to eat those red charlatans masquerading as strawberries that they sell in clamshells at costco?  How?


  1. And avocados too, don't forget the avocados!. All avos outside of california are chalky doppelgangers. Now you're making want to visit San Diego

  2. This is the good life. Come back soon, friend.

  3. You are my YOLO idol. My Yoldol? I'll work on it. I have time. Inside. In anger.