Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Story: Rescued

Very longtime readers of this blog might remember I had a little project going for a while called The T-Shirt Project.  I started it to answer the question "does every t-shirt tell a story".  I think the answer is yes, as well as no, but, that's a whole other story.

Tonight I had just finished my book (Under the Wide and Starry Sky), and was doing very little except thinking about cleaning the living room, when I thought of this particular entry (mine), and wanted to unearth it before it became lost to The Deep Web forever.

Originally published in 2010:

Who: Valerie
What: um, cotton?
When: um, 2002?
Where: Seattle, WA
Why: I had just started hanging out with James in earnest, and we were spending A LOT of time together. Being with James, just at first, was a tricky balance. It was kind of a game; neither of us wanting to appear too needy or dependent. I made plans with my roommates to drive to Seattle for spring break without consulting James on his break plans. I felt this was a strong move, one that signaled that I was a person indivisible, not a part of JamesandValerie. I found this shirt in a hip (read: expensive) vintage clothing store and liked it right away because, in addition to its important sentiment, there was something very cheeky about it, something that made me feel cheeky, and strong, and autonomous. And I needed that reminder, because I had it baaaaaaad for James. I'd wear it whenever I felt like I was getting too wrapped up, too dependent, too concerned about when he called, and how often he came over. This shirt made me feel bold and audacious. This shirt made me feel more me.
And if you were to tell me that this is a lot of meaning to endow a t-shirt with, first I'd be like, "what?", and then I'd be like, "tell me about it."

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  1. I've asked Annie to beg you to bring back the T-shirt Project. Great shirt. Even better story.