Monday, May 12, 2014

If It Were Possible to Fall in Love With a Day, I'd be a Goner

Today, today, today.  I want to take a bath in today.  It's 85 degrees today, and I feel more relaxed than I have in months.

I planned to spend the day outside, walking to the park, the drugstore, blowing bubbles in the backyard--but, instead, I got a last minute invitation to the beach, so I hustled into my bathing suit and made sandwiches (turkey for me, cream cheese and jam for Edie).

And even though the water was still brutally cold, and the bathrooms aren't open until after Memorial Day (seriously, Good Harbor?), and I forgot my Tums, so I had heartburn pretty much the whole time--it was a dream.

Edie cashed out in the car on the way home, pretty much as soon as we were out of the parking lot, and is now sanding up her crib, so I have this stretch of perfect afternoon to listen to the street noise from my open window and think about how my winter fear is entirely dissipated--unable to keep any structure beneath the perfection of today.

*i've dated this Monday, because that's when I wrote it.  the intervening days have been slightly less rosy, but I wanted to remember feeling so happy.

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