Thursday, May 22, 2014

We Don't Cut Our Own Grass, and Other Confessions

Taken on a sunny afternoon.  Yesterday, in fact.  Today was not as sunny, which, during New England spring, is par for the course.  But, after the winter we had, it's a blow.  So, a tally:

Things I'm Proud Of:

-I've been keeping a spreadsheet of my daily fruit and vegetable intake, and, I'll tell you, since I started, it's gone up considerably.
-When, during her "nap", Edie took her pants and diaper off, then proceeded to poop directly on the bed/pillow, I KEPT IT TOGETHER.  I didn't even say anything, I just scooped her up and put her in the bath, then cleaned up her crib while she played.
-I made a tough phone call tonight.  Is it just me, or has anyone else's phone phobia increased, like, ten-fold, since it became so easy to not actually talk to anyone?
-I powered through all the conference Priesthood Session talks this afternoon.

Things I'm Less Proud Of:

-There has been a lot of McDonald's in my life recently.  A lot.
-I stayed up until two a.m. last night watching Hoarders: Buried Alive.
-I have this to-do list that is more like a "I Wish I Would" list.
-Because Edie didn't nap, I laid on the couch and let her watch - I think - about four episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  I say I think because I'm not totally sure how many there were, because I drifted off.  All I know is that whenever I was aware of one ending, I would really hope there'd be another one coming up.


  1. If the diaper-removal becomes a chronic problem, consider onesies or sleepers. My three-year-old nephew had a similar problem a few months ago and this seemed to help. Also, well done keeping it together.

  2. So i just potty trained Gus. Like mostly I was super fed up with changing his man poops that I took him to Target and told him to pick out underwear because when he wakes up in the morning, he is waking up a big boy and we are saying goodbye to diapers. No. Matter. What. I talked about it all day. And then in the morning, I committed to it. No matter how many accidents, I stayed committed. It CHANGED MY LIFE. Seriously, potty training is a cruel joke, but it will change your life. "When you have to go potty just STOP, and go right away. Flush and wash and be on your way!" (if you drifted during this episode, I'm sure Edie will remember it. Classic Daniel Tiger).

    Also, that is super gross. I would have lost it completely. Kuddos dude.

    I've been upping my veggies too. Not my McDonald's though....sadly? happily? luckily?

  3. The Daniel Tiger show... we had the same situation over here with Super Why. And way to keep it together in the face of poop. That's impressive

  4. Hoarders. Guilty pleasure.

  5. When she's a teenager and you flip out over something outrageous just remind her of how you held it together when she pooped in her bed.

  6. Love this list. Everything in life should be in list form.

    And seriously, trophies and medals and also garland necklaces (wreaths?) for not losing your _____ (that's a pun, too). Poop in the bed!!! The true test of human restraint.