Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Who Are Any of Us, Really?

Reading: Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls, by David Sedaris, and A Visit from the Goon Squad, by Jennifer Egan.

Watching: The West Wing.  Aaron Sorkin is my spirit animal.  I know I'm fifteen years behind, but I couldn't love it more.  Any show that assumes that I'm smart and engaged and just generally paying attention is thumbs up in my book.  There's an episode titled "Shibboleth", which, alone, nearly inspired my legitimate membership in the Sorkin fan club. While it's adorable to watch the historical differences (Sam just got a VHS tape in the mail and Josh is baffled that something he wrote online is being read and misinterpreted--so cute), it still feels relevant.  Which I guess is the risk you run when you write a whip smart show.

Realizing: Edie goes to school two mornings a week, and while she's gone I have this history of putting Posey to sleep and then trying to put her down so I can get things done (shower, cleaning, writing), and I had a revelation this weekend: she's almost four months old, and I don't have an endless amount of mornings left where all she wants to do is fall asleep in my arms with her little baby hand clasped around my thumb, and lay there peacefully while I watch The West Wing (see: above), and what do really need to take a shower for anyway?  So I'm planning on relaxing my expectations on those mornings, and just spending less of my time making beds and more of my time making Posey laugh.

Eating: Anything I can procure and eat with one hand (crackers, apples, chocolate chips), because after these idyllic mornings (see: above), Posey isn't so keen on being put down.  Ever.  So . . .

Playing: Legos.  We play legos every day.  I have never made such a sound investment.

Wearing: A winter coat.  There's an icy wind blowing.


  1. "Shibboleth" is one of my favorite episodes on one of my all-time favorite shows, so there's that. I hear you're coming out for Christmas, so let's have a very long discussion about how I wish that Toby Ziegler could be my curmudgeonly neighbor.

  2. WORD on legos. Timeless. Classic. Eternally fun. If you really want to blow your mind, go get a Lego advent calendar. best thing i ever bought, ever. Such good stuff. Love the Posey thoughts. Babies are wizards at teaching life.

  3. Did you see New Girl when Nick asks "Republican or Democrat?" and the girl responds "The West Wing."
    Because I had to pause it to laugh. I totally watched The West Wing when Ruth was tiny and would only nurse.
    And I think I loved Shibboleth. Was that the Thanksgiving knife one?