Monday, December 1, 2014

The Strength of my Feet and the Courage of My Lungs

My pal Jen is doing a 25 day extravaganza, and I'm nothing if not a person who jumps on someone else's bandwagon, so, here's to December 1st.

I'm running a race in a two weeks.  Well, less than two weeks.  On the 13th.  It's a half marathon.  13 miles on the 13th.  I just got that.  Double good luck.

It's my third half marathon, but I'm least prepared for it.  I mean, I'm not totally unprepared, but, I'm trying to keep my expectations low.  I ran six miles last Saturday, which is what I said I wanted to run, and all the while I kept thinking how glad I was that I had this completely absurd goal to achieve, because it's pushing me harder than any other distance could.  So, I'm committed to looking on the bright side of my lack of training, and keeping the expectations reasonable (read: low).

Here's the hardest one to let go of: running every step.  I like to run every step.  In a race, even in a Saturday morning run it makes me crazy to stop.  Or, worse, to walk.  There's nothing wrong with walking.  Faster people than me run/walk, but, I don't.  Or, I didn't.  Or, I'd like not to.  REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS.

But, back to the bright side: today was one of those fluke days where it was 60 degrees on December 1st.  The kind of days where you think to yourself the night before, if I don't run tomorrow, I'm not going to get another day like this until spring. And I went, at 7:15, and I thought to myself that a run in this weather was a gift.  And then I had another thought that it had been a long time since I'd considered any run a gift.

And I was very, very glad.

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  1. Fan-tastic. Don't stop, Val! Blogging or running. I hope you win! (at both)