Saturday, February 14, 2015

Such a February Face

Reading: Pride and Prejudice.  Jen sent me Austinland, which sent me into a full-blown Austin-spiral.  I watched the BBC mini-series (for the first time!), the BBC's Emma*, started Death Comes to Pemberly, and am halfway through P&P.  It's all about timing, right, Jen?

Eating: A Kind bar, because I'm not supposed to eat treats during the week.  I'm trying to help James not eat them either, which is why I ate half the cookie he bought himself.  I was helping.

Loving: When Kanye got Beck'd.

Regretting: Edie's tumble down our stairs this afternoon.  She's fine, though has a pretty impressive forehead bump.  "Tumble" is an interesting word, in that it massively downplays how incredibly traumatic it was for both of us.  But, she's fine.  She's fine. (shudder)

Deciding: If I'm going to run tomorrow.  I tweaked my back on Tuesday (because I'm 100 years old, apparently), so I'm going to check out the weather tomorrow and then decide if I'm up for it.

Purchasing: This beaut for James's valentine, and these beauts for next year's snow.

Thinking: That it might be time for a dentist appointment.  Le sigh.

Over: February

*This version's Mr. Knightly is played by Jonny Lee Miller, who plays Sherlock in Elementary, which is filming an episode on my block on Monday.  Depending on the weather I'm planning to throw open my window and yell down, "I FOUND YOUR PORTRAYAL OF MR. KNIGHTLY FUNNY AND REFRESHING!"


  1. He is, by far, the best Mr. Knightly.

  2. Whenever I see pics of people taken from seemingly odd spots I like to imagine crazy photo-taking circumstances. Like, instead of a person standing up and over you guys to get that shot, you dangled your camera from a rope from the ceiling and hit the timer. that's how you did it, right? right?

    I would love it if you shouted that. what if he heard? it would make his day--his LIFE.

    February is a PERFECT time for Austenstuff and BBC. In fact, let's declare it the official month for that... including Black History, of course.

  3. I am in full support of you shouting kuddos to Johnny Lee Miller and only wish I was there to do it with you. And I just started Death Comes to Pemberly this morning and am not sure how I feel about it yet.

  4. After watching Austenland I devoured the book and loved it. Midnight in Austenland was equally entertaining. And Death Comes to Pemberly. It's just so good.