Sunday, February 1, 2015

Way Back Baby

July was a long month.  Remember July?  It was awhile ago.  I remember it.  It was full of moving and stress and long walks with Edie and trips to get ice cream.  I said goodbye to dear, dear friends, both in Boston and in Brooklyn.  I said hello to others.  I went to a wedding.  And I waited.  and waited.  Then July ended and August came.  And so did Posy.

These first few photos were taken moments after Posy was born.  I didn't know it at the time, and probably would have balked at the suggestion, but I wish now that James had turned around a gotten a photograph of my face.  Because, as exhausted and sweaty and spent as I was, I don't think I could have concealed the astonishment of this moment.  I would have liked to see that.

This is later.  There's been much to-do about Posy's name.  It was . . . difficult.  James and I had mostly settled on Roxanne, so we could call her Roxy.  Or maybe Maeve.  Or, Francis.  There were a lot of options.

I held this little baby, I just held her and held her and held her.  And she was so quiet and so sweet.  I knew she wasn't Roxy.  And I knew I didn't want to give her a name that would ever be a burden.  I could feeeeeeeel it.  So I looked at her and thought about it and didn't really decide.  So we put a dummy name down and went home; calling her baby for weeks.

She's now Posy.  Edie calls her Cozy.  And I still call her baby.

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