Saturday, September 5, 2015

Cape Cod Summer

Every time we go to Cape Cod, I spend the whole time scheming about moving there permanently.  It seemed a touch more feasible while we lived in Massachusetts, but, even then, not really.  But, man, I love that place.  And this trip was especially magical.  The second day we were there a storm rolled in over the lake outside our windows.  The mercury dropped and a wind swept in so strong we all ran around closing the zillions of windows and sliding doors.  It poured for ten minutes and then swept away, taking some of the humidity with it, and leaving warm, uninterrupted sunshine for the rest of our week.

The house we stayed in was on a private road, and we didn't see a soul nearby the entire time, save for a couple people on kayaks on the lake.  It was so quiet and dark and just the perfect break from summer in New York City.  We grilled every night and ate on the deck and took outdoor showers and dried bathing suits on the clothes line and ate ice cream every day.  All the kids played hard all day and slept like rocks at night, and I spent the whole time breathing as deeply as a could.

My thoughts for next year mostly include packing changes: more bathing suits, fewer actual clothes.  No running shoes, and more room on the memory card on my camera.

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  1. Those babies. How do you stand it? I would spend all day just like...eating them up.