Saturday, October 17, 2015

Summer Post-Mortem

James gets up with the girls most mornings.  Well, like, every morning.  There's breakfast and playing, and, depending on what time people woke up, a bit of Star Wars.

Some days I wake up and go for a run, or some days Edie has school and James starts to pick out clothes and get the girls ready for the day.

And every day since September started, I have come home or woken up to two girls waaaaay overdressed for the temperature.

James and I differ on a few thing, one being seasonal dressing: I like to wear summer clothes for as long as I can get away with, but James is always anxious to load up on fall layers.

So, I would undress, or remove layers, or take off socks.  I would let Edie wear her favorite summer dress with shoes instead of sandals and a jacket over it.  I would layer short sleeves under sweaters because I knew that afternoon would come and in the sun it would feel like summer still.

But, these days the high is falling.  Tomorrow it's in the fifties.  Summer this year felt so long, but so short.  It feels like it was just spring.

Soon, very soon--tomorrow, really--James's instincts will be right, and I'll have to concede summer defeat.

It happens every year, and it always hurts.

So, here's to photographic evidence of an Indian summer.

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