Me Me Me

Things I Like:
episodes of Murder, She Wrote
handfuls of milk chocolate chips
short fingernails (on myself and on others)
a good kickstand on a bike
people who know about cheeses
apple beer
the moment of anticipation between the lightning and the thunder
rotary phones
The Bob Newhart Show
potato bread
the law
Coca Cola
teenage boys who walk around with paperbacks shoved into their back pockets
general stores in small towns
the satisfying weight of a backpacking backpack

Things I Don't Like:
mushy avocados
close talkers/close standers
mediocre sushi
nails cut past the quick
self-indulgent art
running out of gum
being cold
movie talkers
people who litter
people who drift back and forth on the sidewalk as I'm trying to run past
Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee
law breakers
flat Pepsi
shin splints
air travel
carbon copies
the din of a laugh track from the next room

This is me, liking and disliking things.